The Story Of Camping Lantern

The Story Of Camping Lantern

Camping lantern is a must element. Camping is an outdoor activity where the campers spend a few nights away from home under the sky. They carry various camping equipment along with themselves, and camping lantern is one of them. For a great camping experience, campers must buy a good quality camping lantern. A quality camping lantern ensures that the campers will not stumble around in the dark. They illuminate the campsite, helps to navigate the trails during the night, and so much more. Various types of lanterns are available in the market. Choosing the best brand is an essential and not so tedious task.

The Story Of Camping Lantern
The Story Of Camping Lantern

Benefits Of Camping Lantern

  • It provides light during the dark. It helps to continue cooking, playing outside with a friend, and hanging around after dark falls.
  • Big lamps are perfect for 360-degree floodlighting. It helps the multiple campers to enjoy at once.
  • Lightweight lamps can be packed in a backpack and are easily rechargeable through sockets provided by these bags. They are best for lighting small areas for playing board games or cooking.
  • These camping lanterns are the best emergency lanterns at home. They solve many problems at home during a power outage.

Types Of Camping Lantern

Camping lanterns have evolved. From old candle lights to new and advanced LED light, they have changed a lot. Some of the many varieties are solar lanterns, LED lanterns, rechargeable lanterns, and many more. 

  • Fuel-burning lantern- they are the traditional lantern type. Kerosene, propane, and butane are used to illuminate them. These lanterns are brighter than LED lanterns and other models. They are dangerous to use inside a tent.
  • Candle lantern- they are now outdated ones but had some benefits. They use candles to generate light.  It creates a warm and pleasant light that relaxes the atmosphere. They created minimal light and were dangerous to use inside a tent.
  • Electric lanterns- these are the new and trending ones. They run on batteries and electricity. Solar lanterns illuminate the surroundings as well as recharge other electrical devices.

Important Features Of These Lanterns

The Story Of Camping Lantern
The Story Of Camping Lantern

The different features of lanterns help the campers to choose the best amongst the rest.

  • Brightness- lanterns with 100-200 lumens are sufficient for campers and backpackers. But, a more extensive group of campers require lanterns with 200 to 400 lumens.
  • Size and weight- small and lightweight lanterns can be easily transported and used. They can be easily stored in backpacks.
  • Fuel type- some lanterns work on electricity and some on burning fuels. Electric lanterns are best for all the campers as it is safe and easily chargeable.
  • Run time- run time is the longest an electric lantern can illuminate on a single charge. Longer run time is best for the benefit of campers.

Care And Storage Of These Lanterns

Proper care and storage can increase their life span. Fuel-burning lantern requires more care and maintenance than an electric lantern. The lamp must be cleaned and dried and stored in a safe place because it is mostly made of glass.


Camping can be fun with proper equipment. The camp can give a lifetime experience to the campers. Endless options are available in the market for equipment and lanterns. They must be bought judiciously for a great experience.

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