The Need Of Camping Shower

The Need Of Camping Shower

Camping is a fun and outdoor activity, and it reconnects the campers again with nature. Camping deviates the campers from their regular and daily routine. It allows them to rinse themselves with morning sunlight, enjoy campfires and hunt or fish occasionally. Camping also brings a person out of his comfort zone. Not everything about urban existence is worse. Toilets and showers, for example, are facilities that make them long for, during an extended trip. Camping is fun, but after two or three days without a shower, is difficult to manage. Camping shower is a must especially for long trips. The shower may not be exotic, but it serves the purpose of cleansing the body.

The Need Of Camping Shower
The Need Of Camping Shower

Invention Of Camping Shower

For all the outdoor enthusiasts shower during camping was a serious issue. Understanding their needs, the market started delivering ample solutions for them. They came out with portable camping showers, which was a turning point for all the campers.

Some Of The Best Camping Shower Available

  • Rinse kit portable outdoor shower- this kit contains the two-gallon reservoir, water heater, a hot rod, a pressure pump, and a six feet long hose. The heater provides six minutes long hot water supply with high pressure for bathing.
  • Nemo Helio LX portable pressure shower- this kit has an integrated foot pump, which gives high-pressure water supply. The capacity of the reservoir is 22 liters. Therefore, it provides 7 minutes of bathing. The only drawback with this kit is that it does not have an in-built water heater.
  • Advanced element summer shower- the kit comprises of 3 gallons solar-heated water. It is made of four layers, which offers durability and heat retention. Manufacturers have also has added features and pockets for soap and shampoo. It also has a separate space for towels, which gives an efficient washing experience.
  • Coleman camp shower- it is a five reservoir camping shower. With the help of a handle, the bag can easily be hung on a branch for pressure supply of water.

Some Other Camping Showers

  • Sea to summit pocket shower- this kit is light in weight can be easily carried in a pocket or a backpack. Some can use it to store certain items, which need waterproof covering like a watch or a mobile phone. It can store up to 10 liters of water and gives an 8-minute shower.
  • Reliance outdoors flows pro portable shower- this is one of the lightest camping showers and can hold up to 2 gallons of water. It provides a carry strap and a washable neoprene sleeve. It also provides storage space for soaps and shampoo. Its best feature is a six-foot-long hose for convenient bathing.
The Need Of Camping Shower
The Need Of Camping Shower


Everyone wants to take a long and comfortable bath to remove the dirt and ease the mind. The campers may not enjoy such luxury while camping. But, these portable camping showers can at least give them a pleasant bathing experience outdoor. These camping showers may be a little difficult to carry but fulfill a camper’s desire for a nice bath after a long and tiring day. They come in various shapes and sizes to fulfill all the needs of the campers.

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