Importance Of A Perfect Campsite

Importance Of A Perfect Campsite

A campsite is a location used for staying overnight in an open area. A campsite is a locality which is divided into different pitches where individuals can camp for the night in tents or recreational vehicle.

Various campsite Type

  • An impromptu locality-where one plan for a stopover while backpacking or hiking.
  • A nominated area with advancements and different facilities
Importance Of A Perfect Campsite
Importance Of A Perfect Campsite

Tips To Choose Perfect Campsite

Looking for a camp is just like looking for a new home. Choosing a site is all about looking for good locality nearby, accurate sewerage system, water source, and amazing scenic view around.

  Different Types Of Camping

  • Tent Camping
  • Backpacking or Hiking
  • Canoe Camping
  • Survivalist Camping
  • RV and Van Camping

Factors To Keep In Mind For A Perfect Campsite.

  • Plan in advance- When planning to do trekking in the mountains Make itinerary arrangement a few days before. Make a note of how much distance will be covered in one day. Camper should know where he will be doing camping by the end of the day. Know about the available locations on the way. Contact local advisor and herdsman in the mountain. Get an accurate idea about the locality and if it’s possible or not.
  • Availability of water source –Water is necessarily, so why not to have a water source near the campsite to perform all operations. Water is required for cooking, cleaning utensils, Drinking and doing personal business, etc. Look for a location where water is running not still. Always choose a camp which is a little far from the water stream.
  • Level of Surface- The area decided that the location should be leveled and not elevated. Camper will understand the importance of leveled ground during the night when sleeping in a tent. If the surface is high, the camper will roll down in sleep. Resting on an elevated surface can disrupt the blood circulation.
  • Size- Size of the campsite should be sufficient to lodge the trekking group. If camping with a large group looking for a leveled area where all tents can accommodate
Importance Of A Perfect Campsite
Importance Of A Perfect Campsite

Points To Consider

  • Well-Drained – Site area should be little lofty so that rainwater drains away quickly and doesn’t come in tents. Construct a thin waterway with piolet around the tent to drain the water out
  • Toilet area-choose a location where the toilet area is away from the tent. Rainwater will take away all the body waste. Body waste will lead to mosquitoes and flies. A bad smell will spread everywhere.
  • Wind Factor- Sound coming from wind can disturb sleep during the night. The entrance of the tent should not be facing the mountains. Because wind normally flows from the mountain towards plain during the evening.
  • Areas to avoid- Tent should not be near dead trees. Dead trees catch fire quickly. Avoid mudslide areas. Avoid flash flood zone.


Camping becomes more adventurous with the perfect camp location. Choosing an ideal site needs a lot of planning. A lot of factors are to be taken into consideration before finalizing an ideal site. Look for a campsite where there is proper flow of water, well drainage system, level of the surface, Toilet area, and also wind flow.

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