Hiking: Preparation For A Hike

Preparation For A Hike

The hike is a long walk, especially in mountainous regions. It is mainly done for pleasure. Hike trips can be an enjoyable escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It gives the hikers a chance to immerse themselves in other’s cultures and locations. But, going for a hiking trip is not as easy as it sounds. The tour can be daunting if not prepared well by the hikers. Proper planning and fitness training are necessary before leaving for such trips. Some tips to improve the hiking experience are hereunder.

Preparation For A Hike
Hiking: Preparation For A Hike

Define The Hike Trip

The hikers must decide beforehand, what they want to do in their adventure trip. They must decide upon their stay at night. They have options like camping underneath the stars, bunking in a hut, or a luxurious stay in a hotel. The hikers must also learn some local language to communicate with the locals. They also must decide upon the type of hiking they are most interested in. For this, the hikers can take the help of tour companies.

Assess The Fitness Level For A Hike

Once the hikers have planned their trip, they must think about the physical fitness needed for the same. They should ask their tour company the kind of fitness required for it. The hikers must improve their physical health before leaving for the trip. Training must start one or two months before the trip.

Preparation For A Hike
Hiking: Preparation For A Hike

Get Used To Carrying The Luggage For A Hike

Hikers must prepare themselves for carrying a backpack while hiking. They must pack their bags accordingly. For this, they can take their tour guide’s help.

Buy A Good Fitting Shoes

Hikers must buy a hiking boot with excellent ankle support. They should be appropriately fitted to avoid blisters. High-quality hiking socks are also recommended. The socks must be made of merino wool, as they can control moisture, and are breathable.

Buy Proper And Well Fitted Clothes

The clothes must be comfortable and waterproof. They must be breathable and soft on the trail. Convertible pants are recommended as they can serve as shorts too.

Personal First Aid And Emergency Gear

Binoculars, compass, matches, torch, blanket, bug repellent, knife, and a first aid kit are a must for such trips. They may take a functional space in the backpack but are more necessary than the clothes or other items.

Fitness Tips For Hikers

  • Practice to run or walk on sand. This practice shall build muscles and protect the knees and ankles.
  • Use a resistance band to strengthen the muscles.
  • Do crunches to build the core strength.
  • Practice squats and lunges exercise to build the core muscles.
  • Also, practice push-ups to improve body strength.
  • Do cardio to increase the lung capacity for longer trips.
  • Perform step-ups with a backpack full of necessary items.


A single day of planning and practice for a hike are not enough for hikers if they want to enjoy their experience of hiking and have fun. Lack of planning and fitness training can ruin their trip. They must consider the points mentioned above to have a life experience.  

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