Hiking And Camping

Hiking And Camping

Hiking usually means prolonged and vigorous walking on the trails. Walking, on the other hand, is an essential term for regular walks, the one done in parks. In the U.K. the term walking means all sorts of steps whether walking in a garden or Alps. People know hiking by different names in different countries, depending on the type of hike done. Many people prefer to go camping with hiking. People call camping with hiking as Bag packing. However, all the forms of hiking result in excellent health benefits if done correctly. It can be on the trail or off-trail etc. a day hike means hiking which is usually completed in a day.

Hiking And Camping
Hiking And Camping

Types Of Equipment For Hiking And Camping

 Although the equipment for hiking depends on one personal needs, but still the guidelines gives a list of necessary items like, food, water, a map, rainproof wears, hiking boots, compass, flashlights, first aid kit, sunglasses, insect repellants, emergency blankets, etc. however the hiker himself has to decide the list of things as it makes the hiking quite tiresome and result in exhaustion.    

Camping involves staying away from home in a portable shelter. It is considered to be an act of enjoyment done with family or friends. At least one night out is required to justify the purpose of camping. The cyclist set off with minimum things possible to get by camping, whereas, the vehicle travelers carry fully equipped vehicles, including electricity furniture stoves, etc. Camping involves lots of activities done together like fishing, hunting, climbing, canoeing. When camping is done with running, it is called fastpacking.

More About Hiking And Camping

Hiking And Camping
Hiking And Camping

While hiking, hikers should keep several things in mind like the environmental impact, etiquette, and hazards. The hiking organization worldwide emphasizes on “leave no trace.” One should keep in mind the health hazards that come along hiking liking diarrhea, dehydration, hypothermia. Other than this animal attacks are also common while hiking through forests.

People know different types of camping by different namesafter the manner of arrangements, lifestyle, or mode of transport. Some examples are – canoe camping, car camping, bag packing, glamping( glamorous camping).

With modernization, camping has also evolved; it allows campers to enjoy camping in a relaxed way now. However, it fails to light up the idea of actual camping that is under the stars with as little things as possible and as short of shelter as possible.

 Different Terms For Hiking

  • Rambling – a term that means hiking only but in an old fashioned manner.
  • Hillwalking – also called mountain walking.
  • Fell walking – walking in the mountainous regions in Northern England and Yorkshire Dales.
  • Tramping – walking in a longer distance, which includes overnight walking and stays also.
  • Bushwalking – it is whacking of the bush. Hikers walk in dense vegetation, under growths and bushes in which to move forward hikers need to push aside the vegetation.
  • Bag packing –  In America, the multi-day hike along with camping, is called bag packing.

Important Destinations For Hiking

  • Europe – Alps is the most common of all in the continent of Europe.
  • U.K. – Lake Districts, Snowdonia and Scottish highlands are the famous ones in the U.K.
  • U.S. – National Park System
  • Canada – Rockies of Alberta, British Columbia
  • Asia – Nepal
  • South America – The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and Argentina.
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