Hikes: Best Mountain Hikes In The US


Usually, hotels and resort are familiar places where we spend our holidays.  Why not try something different? Mother Nature is more beautiful than resorts and has many beautiful things to offer us- the night sky, the cool breeze, the twinkling stars, the serene surroundings, etc. The US has many natural Hikes because of its geographical distortions.

Moreover, with time, these Hikes are modernized to add to the enthralling experience. Planning a visit to this Hike trails is a lifetime experience.  In these Hiking adventures, you have to carry your belongings to avoid any unforeseen situations.

Hikes: Best Mountain Hikes In The US
Hikes: Best Mountain Hikes In The US

Some of the best Mountain Hikes in the US are:

Tonto Hikes Trail, Arizona (Grand Canyon National Park)

This Hikes is almost 70 miles in length. Spring or Winter is the ideal time to visit this route. In the summer months, you will surely melt here because of the heat. This trek route gives the perfect glimpse of the National Park. This hikes trail runs from the Garnet to the Red Canyon. There are some creeks; those are the only source of water here. You will have a splendid sight of the Colorado River.

Trans-Catalina Hike Trail, California

This Hike is almost 40 miles in length. Winter is the most preferred time for its visit due to the harsh and warm climate. This Hike is undoubtedly challenging because of the rough exposures. You can spot various flora and fauna during the route.

Hikes: Best Mountain Hikes In The US
Hikes: Best Mountain Hikes In The US

Mount Katahdin, Maine

This is one of the shortest hike routes, about 9 miles in length. Summer is the best time to hike in this trail. This peak is renowned as hikers of the Appalachian Trail either start or end their journey here. This is a steep, easy, and quick route for the hikers. It offers us a splendid view from the state of Maine’s tallest range.

Kalalau Hikes Trail /Napali Coast, Hawaii

This Hikes is about 22 miles long, and one of the best ones in the US. You can visit this spot at any time of the year. Napali Coast located at the Hawaiian island is the most awe-inspiring places on Earth. There are beautiful side seeing options- beaches, waterfalls, rivers, mountains, etc. The trail is uneven and ill-maintained, so hikers had to be a bit more careful. Rainstorms are sudden and unplanned but are dangerous. This challenging route is worth taking because of the location.

Cracker Lake, Montana (Glacier National Park)

This Hikes is about 13 miles in length. The ideal time to visit this place is during the summer and spring. This Hike is one of the best amongst the US hikes. This place gets crowded because of its magnificent beauty. This area is comparatively cold throughout the year. Hikers can choose whether to travel in the day or at night. Moreover, the National Park has a wide variety of flora and fauna, which are worth watching. The Cracker Lake in The Glacier National Park is a perfect place for the photographers, indeed with a lovely view of natural beauty.