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“Hike” A Journey For Pleasure

“Hike” A Journey For Pleasure

Hike; the literal meaning is a long journey for pleasure and recreation. Hiking can be done for a day, for a weekend, or even for many days. Hiking has something for everyone. If one is bored with a normal lifestyle, one should go for hiking. It is full of adventures, full of fun, and it will help one to make memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Why Should One Go For A Hike

“Hike” A Journey For Pleasure
“Hike” A Journey For Pleasure

1. For pleasure- go for hiking out of joy and curiosity. Curiosity is one human drive that helps to do a lot of exciting things in life. Happiness is one desire that everyone wants in life. Hiking will surely provide a lot of joy and satisfaction.

2. Hiking knows no age – any one of any age can go for hiking. Hiking has something for everyone. It knows no age barriers. Anyone who wants to enjoy life to the fullest can go for hiking.

3. For improving your health– hiking helps to improve health on the whole. To tone the body, to be in the right balance, correct posture, to gain strength. Hiking is the key.

4. It brings a  sense of satisfaction– hiking helps one to be fully satisfied with life. Every trip is new; every journey is exciting and fresh. It not only gives pleasure but also gives you memories for a lifetime.

Types Of Hike

1. Day hiking- For beginners, day hiking proves to be the best.one can select a beautiful place. Not too far from home. One should choose an area which he\she knows well.  Before beginning hiking, study the map of that area. Look for proper landmarks along the hiking trail. Spot water sources. If you do not find any marked markers on your way to the hike. Then you have taken the wrong way.

2. Overnight hiking trips\ weekend backpacks– One should plan the overnight trips or weekend trips properly. Backpack trip requires planning the trail time, home for staying at night. It is essential to prepare for a reliable home. Overnight hiking requires day hiking skills and lightweight camping. Look for a teardown procedure of tents. If alone go for MRS hubba tents and if with a travel buddy the go for MRS hubba hubba tents. The sleeping bag is a must in overnight hiking. It should be light weighted and should be spacious for sure. Carry extra food and water with yourself. Always calculate the time you would reach the desired destination. One more important point is your backpack should be spacious but light weighted.

“Hike” A Journey For Pleasure
“Hike” A Journey For Pleasure

3. Hike in class- for beginners, it is the best idea to hike in class. It provides the necessary information about hiking. With a knowledgeable instructor in the class, one can get a good experience of hiking, skills required, tips for bag pack, etc. one can clarify doubts quickly. The instructor can easily guide the class and answer any queries if asked. Once one gets essential information about being a hiker. Hiking can then be straightforward and exciting. For gaining and learning more hiking skills, one can go for advanced classes.


Hiking can be enjoyable and adventurous. Walking in nature for one’s pleasure and satisfaction. Hiking is an excellent exercise and provides many health benefits.  Whenever one is going for hiking, remember to plan a hiking trip skillfully and adequately. Be ready with a light weighted bag pack. Especially water and food. Go and enjoy life, meet new people,  see new places.  Hiking is full of new experiences for everyone. Every hike is different from the other.

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