Camping Showers: Types Of Camping Showers


Camping is quite a fun activity and also an excellent stress buster as well. One should try camping at least once a month to relieve oneself from all the tensions. Moreover, camping also allows us to remain close to nature, as well. However, while camping, there are a variety of things that you need, such as a tent, clothes, food, etc. You need to carry with yourself all the essential things that enable you to have a pleasant stay at the camp. Apart from the tent, food, and clothing, you also will require a portable shower as well. Not all camping sites consists of a bathroom, and hence, you will find a portable shower quite handy. Let us have a look at the various portable camping showers available in the market.

Camping Showers: Types Of Camping Showers
Camping Showers: Types Of Camping Showers

The Iron Hammer Portable Camping Showers

You will find this camping shower very handy on your camping trip. The shower consists of a 4800 mAh battery life which is rechargeable. Furthermore, the shower also has an indicator as well to indicate low battery. You can either hold the shower in your hand or tie it up on a branch or rod. Furthermore, you can also choose to customize the water pressure as well as per your need. The shower consists of minimal design and hence, easily portable.

Camping Showers: Types Of Camping Showers
Camping Showers: Types Of Camping Showers

Solar Power Camping Showers

The solar power camping shower is a must-have product if you love camping. You need not worry about charging the battery of the shower. The shower can easily get charged with the help of sunlight. You need to ensure that the shower receives an adequate amount of the sun to get fully charged. Moreover, you can even control the water pressure as well as per your needs. The major plus point is that the shower also provides you with hot water.

Resipro Solar Chargeable Camp Shower

The shower consists of a massive bag that contains water for your use. Furthermore, the capacity of the bag is ten gallons, which means you can have a bath several times. The design of the shower is also entirely eco-friendly and durable as well. The major plus point of this item is that it is leak proof. However, if you wish to have warm water, then you need to charge it with solar light. The shower also consists of provisions to control the water pressure as well. It just three hours for the bag to get charged up ultimately. This shower system can even be used to cook food as well.

Sea To Summit Pocket Shower

As the name suggests, you can carry this shower in your pocket as well. The shower has a small built which easily gets fit anywhere. The shower takes almost eight minutes to get fully charged up and also provides with warm water. Moreover, you can control the water pressure as well.

Kingclamp Solar Shower

This shower also consists of a small built, and you can easily put it in your bag. Furthermore, it also takes less time to get charged up and provides you with warm water.