Camping Shower Bag

Camping Shower Bag Inflatable Bath - For Your Next Travel

Why would anyone need a camping shower bag? It is essential to be well equipped when going out on any camping trip. One of the most problematic things to do in camping is to wash up. It is not possible to take a shower every day while on a camping trip, thus violating everyone’s habit of cleaning themselves every day. Most people like to clean and freshen themselves up for the day ahead. Whether anyone is going to ride the waves, or for camping in the woods or for any other reason, everyone needs to be able to clean themselves up. It makes one feel fresh and hygienic and be more comfortable to be around. It is where the camping shower bag comes into the picture. When there is the availability of water in the right amounts, it becomes straightforward and convenient to shower with the help of this bag. 

Camping Shower Bag Inflatable Bath

Camping Shower Bag Inflatable Bath
Camping Shower Bag Inflatable Bath

This shower bag can hold water of up to 11 liters, which is quite a large amount of water to be stored and hence allows one to shower in a much easier way. The water dispersal is in such a way that one person can take a bath easily without feeling as if they have not bathed properly. It is a relief that this bag allows one to make a proper bath and be refreshed after a tiring day of outdoor activities. This bag also helps one to wash off the saltwater as well as the stickiness. You can get it from swimming at the beach. There is also a separate foot pedal present that can help to inflate the bag quickly and conveniently. It helps to make sure that the bag stands straight and gets filled with water up to its brim. 


The features of this camping shower bag are

  • It helps one to take a shower comfortably outdoors without needing to worry about water. 
  • The capacity of the camping shower bag is quite significant, as it can hold up to 11 liters of water.
  • The separate foot pedal present helps to inflate the bag in such a way that it can raise all parts of the pack.
  • There is also a long hose present, which helps to release water in a pressurized for as desired.
  • The bag is out of PVC, which makes it long-lasting and weighs around a kilogram. 
  • The package contains a camping shower bag, a 2-meter hose, a mini inflating bad, and a storage bag. 
Camping Shower Bag Inflatable Bath
Camping Shower Bag Inflatable Bath


There is also a shower hose present with the shower bag that is long enough to enable one to shower with better ease. It can help the water to spray in every nook and corner of your body, thus cleansing you properly. With the help of the pressure handle in the hose, the pressure of water leaving the hose can be adjusted. You can make sure that it is the way one desires it to be. Finally, this is pretty evident that this is perhaps the best investment that one can make. Especially if in case you like to camp. Having an inflatable camping shower bag makes it easier to take a proper bath. You can do it outside without needing to go without it for days. 

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