Camping Lantern: Choosing The Right One - Camping Lantern: Choosing The Right One -

Camping Lantern: Choosing The Right One

Camping Lantern: Choosing The Right One

Spending a holiday in a grand resort or hotel is very common. But Camping in Mother Nature’s lap allows us to cherish the sky, the cool breeze, the twinkling stars, the tranquil surroundings, etc. Camping is quite a fun experience when done with family and friends. There are many campsites all over the world, which have their unique features.  One of the essential things about camping is camping lantern. 

Camping Lantern: Choosing The Right One
Camping Lantern: Choosing The Right One

Online Availability

Market and online sites provide with varieties of camping lanterns that can satisfy your specific demand. The classic gas-powered lantern is the common one used by the campers. Apart from its disadvantages, it ensures an intense, warm light. Now companies are coming up with advanced varieties of lights for the campers. These are light in weight and more efficient compared to the previous models. The Electric Lanterns are battery based and depend upon light-emitting diode technology. These are a good source of light that doesn’t generate heat and are soundless and smokeless.

There are numerous varieties of Camping Lanterns in market. While choosing a Camping Lantern, you need to keep certain things in mind:

Maximum Light Output By The Camping Lantern

Depending upon the light output and the intensity, campers buy these camping lanterns. The lanterns with higher wattage often have shorter battery life.  In forests or hills, you need a lantern that can supply you for a long time, and is also powerful.

Camping Lantern: Choosing The Right One
Camping Lantern: Choosing The Right One

Duration Of Light

In the case of the traditional gas lanterns, the duration is the average burn time. And in case of battery lanterns, duration refers to the average battery running capacity. Based on this, you will have to carry fuel or batteries to serve yourself. However, it is better to opt for an energy-efficient camping lantern to avoid changing the source of energy every single time. Nowadays, most of the lanterns are energy efficient and have a maximum run time with needed intensity.

Battery Required In Camping lanterns

While buying electric Camping Lanterns be sure about the use, and the type of battery required. Experimenting with the kind of battery can damage the lantern. The general lithium-ion batteries are not for every electrical item. Moreover, different types of batteries have various capacities or running time. For instance, the alkaline batteries lose power under twenty degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore a Camping lantern based on the alkaline battery is not an option for hill stations.

Mantles In Camping lanterns

Cloth mantles play a significant role in the case of Fuel-burning lanterns. This becomes very brittle once burned, thus required careful handling to avoid accidents. Moreover, it is advised to carry alternative mantles during the trip, to avoid nuisance.

Size And Weight

The size and weight of the Camping Lantern matter when you carry it in your travel backpack. The more light and efficient, the more preferred. The smaller LED ones are the best to carry on back, as they provide bright light, batteries for them are easy to carry and are also energy efficient.

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