Camping France: Where Beauty Meets Adventure


Camping is fun, and this fun gets doubled when friends and family are there with you. France is known for its beauty and lavishness. Mountains, freshwater lakes, gorges, waterfalls, hiking trails all add to the exquisiteness of Camping France. Spending a holiday in a grand resort or hotel in France is a fantastic experience. Moreover, investing time in nature’s lap is mesmerizing, and France has many natural campsites because of its geographical distortions.  Plan a vacation at the Camping France, and have a lifetime experience with the loved ones. French people love camping; therefore, you will never find camping France abandoned in here.

Camping France: Where Beauty Meets Adventure
Camping France: Where Beauty Meets Adventure

Some of the most beautiful campsites in France are:

La Garangeoire Camping France

La Garangeoire is a campsite shrouded in the woods and grasslands of France. This site is near the marvelous Vendée beaches. This site is enormous, consisting of fishing grounds, cycling tracks, horse riding’s paths, etc. All you can witness here is greenery, a perfect Nature’s Lap to visit. This place is modern to increase the number of visitors or campers. There is also a restaurant to serve delicacies to the campers.

Camping France: Where Beauty Meets Adventure
Camping France: Where Beauty Meets Adventure

Les Alicourts, Loir-Et-Cher

Oak trees and grasslands at Central France bound this campsite. This camping ground has luxurious facilities available- Water Park, spa, golf course, light shows, cultural events, etc. This place is kind of an open resort with all the camping facilities available.

Camping Les Pêcheurs Campsite France

This Camping ground is at a distance from Fréjus. This campsite is under the shadow of Roquebrune rock. It surrounds by ochre walls that changes to bright red during sunset. Trees and undergrowth border the camping pitches here and ensure your family privacy.

Séquoia Parc, Charente-Maritime

This is a 45 hectares camping ground and is also a pastoral countryside. You can witness the old-world feeling here, which distinguishes it from the previously mentioned locations. Parts of this campsite also consist of cultivable land and marshy salt lands. Moreover, there are rivers, golden beaches, and rocky pools to enjoy the scenario. This is a perfect stay with your family, as you can cherish your good old days sitting by the pools. There are fun activities like- tennis, horse riding, jungle safari, etc.

Saint-Avit Loisirs Camping France

This campsite design keeping in mind the Stone Age. The thick woods of Black Périgord covers the area and stone huts with slate roofs are there for your stay out here. You will feel like you at an ancient civilization which has electric and water supply all through the day. The Dordogne River meanders from this camping ground. There are limestone gorges, caves and castles, pools, and pitches, etc.

Camping Le Pré Bas, Puy-De-Dôme

This campsite is located at the height of 870 meters and is at a distance from the Blue Flag Lac Chambon. Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Park is just like a dreamland to the campers. Volcanic domes, Neolithic monuments, lakes, castles, ancient houses, etc. add to the beauty of the place.