Breathtaking Hiking Trails Around The Globe -

Breathtaking Hiking Trails Around The Globe

Breathtaking Hiking Trails Around The Globe

Walking in nature for recreational purposes is known as hiking. Hiking is also a good exercise, which promotes physical fitness. It is a unique way of meeting new people and understanding the local communities. Going hiking is convenient; it requires no particular skill and equipment. The path on which hiking is done is called a hiking trail. Hiking trails can be flat land, hilly terrain or mountain climbing. Hiking in the mountain requires proper physical training. All around the globe, there are beautiful trails, which offer scenic beauty to the hikers. Hikers can take a day trip or a weeklong trip in these trails.

Breathtaking Hiking Trails Around The Globe
Breathtaking Hiking Trails Around The Globe

Hiking Trails In Europe

Well-established routes, an excellent network of huts, and challenging treks make Europe the best place to start hiking. The trails of this continent cover hot springs, volcanoes, and glaciers. Slovenia Mountain Trail is one of the longest trails in Europe. It is 499 km long. Mont Blanc Trail passes through France, Italy, and Switzerland. This trail can be customized as per hikers need. They can opt for dense forest scenery or a mountain pass.

Hiking Trails In Africa

Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is a dormant volcano. It is an eight-day trail, which begins from hot plains, takes the hikers to the dense forest of alpine and finally reaches the summit carved by glaciers. This summit treats with the stunning view of savannah grassland below. Some other iconic trails are Blyde River Canyon in South Africa, Simien Mountains in Ethiopia and Mt. Kenya. Hikers can go to Murchison Falls National Park for wildlife encounter and hiking. Nile crocodiles, buffaloes, elephants, and lion are common in this region.

Hiking Trails In The Middle East Countries

For desert-scapes and ancient archaeological sites, hikers can head towards Jordan. It is a daylong hike, but hikers can take a long route from Petra to Dana Biosphere Reserve. The route covers desert canyons, sandstone cliffs, and Rose Red City. Other hiking trails in this region are Israel National Trail, and Oman’s Grand Canyon Wadi Ghul.

Hiking Trails In Asia

Breathtaking Hiking Trails Around The Globe
Breathtaking Hiking Trails Around The Globe

Hiking trail from Everest Base Camp to mountain’s peak and Bhutan’s Snowman Trek are a haven for hikers. Annapurna Circuit in Nepal is a high-alpine trek that passes through mountain villages, the stupa, prayer wheels, and sturdy stone homes. This circuit is 15 days long trail. Tiger Leaping Trail in Yunnan province of China provides a beautiful trail.

Australia And The Pacific Trails

New Zealand has nine “great walls” across various landscapes. This trail covers beaches, mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, and forest. Australia offers beautiful trails like Sydney’s Seven Bridges, Darwin City Trail, and Great South West Walk.


Countries like America, Mexico, Canada, and India also have some beautiful and most stunning trails. They give hikers numerous opportunities to explore the world from a different angle. Many hiking companies and associations are there which provide the hiking facilities to the enthusiast hikers. Every person in a lifetime must go hiking and experience a different world away from the city’s hustle-bustle. It is the best recreational activity to reduce stress and maintain physical fitness.

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